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“You usually remember the things you’ve made. It’s the in-between times you tend to forget. Spike is so great at capturing that, the pure enjoyment we have being together.” —Adam Horovitz
Spike Jonze and Beastie Boys met for the first time in Los Angeles in 1991, when Jonze went out to photograph the band for the cover of Dirt magazine. A connection formed between the three MCs and the young photographer, which has lasted throughout their careers.
Almost thirty years later—published to coincide with the release on Apple+ of a new documentary, Beastie Boys Story—this book collects for the first time more than two hundred of Spike Jonze’s personal photographs of his time spent with the group. Edited and with an afterword by Jonze, and including new writing by Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz themselves, this book shows an intimate look at the greatest act of the hip-hop generation in their truest colors as only a close friend could see them—from performing live onstage to writing together at Mike’s apartment; getting into character for a video to dressing up as old men to hit the basketball court; recording music in the studio to goofing around on the streets of New York.
From the music video for “Sabotage” to the cover of the Sounds of Science album, Spike Jonze is responsible for some of the most iconic images of the band ever made. But here, the emphasis is on the candid, the unexpected, and the real—just pictures of friends who like making stuff together.
Academy Award–winning filmmaker Spike Jonze’s arms, legs, head, shoes, teeth, and thoughts are copyrighted and controlled by Universal Comcast Disney Corporation trademark 2019. He’s a Fulbright Scholar, an MIT Media Lab, and half a McArthur Genius. He’s made eighty-four movies and three birthday cakes and has cried at 32% of the movie trailers on YouTube. He’s not allowed in the city of Vancouver. Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz are founding members of Beastie Boys