FILSON camo shotgun dry bag

FILSON camo shotgun dry bag

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Waterproof and padded protection for your shotgun.

Built with tough 900-denier nylon tarpaulin fabric coated with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), water simply cannot penetrate it. This 100% waterproof fabric is lightweight, flexible and extremely abrasion resistant. The TPU coating is resistant to ultraviolet light and chemicals, ensuring durability and longevity without breakdown from hard use. The seams are radio-frequency (RF) welded, a cement-free process that permanently fuses the fabric layers together, assuring flexible integrity without fail. All webbing and padding is securely stitched to an additional layer of the waterproof fabric, which is then RF-welded to the bag’s body. This is the same construction as used in the manufacture of white-water rafting gear, where equipment failure could have fatal consequences.

The roll-top and buckle closure creates an absolutely water-tight seal when tightly rolled and buckled. The padded insert protects your shotgun from impacts when banging around in the boat or truck, and it’s removable for faster drying overnight. The exterior features a water-resistant pocket and a removable padded shoulder strap. This is the shotgun case for maximum protection in the harshest conditions.