STEELE AND CO Badger Shave Brush
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STEELE AND CO Badger Shave Brush

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Shou-sugi-ban is the ancient Japanese technique of charring wood to preserve wooden houses and create a fire, rot, and insect repellent barrier. Steele & Co. has used this ancient method to create a unique aesthetic for our hand-made cedar shave brushes. Turned from locally harvested cedar, the handles are carefully charred then doused in water to stop the burning process. Once cooled, each piece is brushed to remove the dust and loose debris then washed and dried. Our shou-sugi-ban brushes are finished by hand with a super fine steel wool to soften any edges. The brushes then receive four coats of a penetrating waterproof treatment with a steel wool sanding between each applied coat. Two coats of natural oil are applied to further preserve the wood and give the handle a soft, weathered feel in the hand. To finish, a premium high-count black badger knot is anchored to the brush handle. A short loft makes this brush ideal for working a good soap lather and also exfoliates the face to prepare for a close shave.

  • hand made of locally sourced cedar
  • short loft 22 mm premium black badger hair knot